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Love Your HourGlass

HourGlass is the Revolutionary Movement Proof Swimwear Line for All Body Shapes.

Our Fabric is UVA & UVB Repellent up to UPF 50+ (UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor) meaning that it is more intense protection than SPF, and actually blocks out the rays from actually hitting your skin.

Our fabric and all materials are chlorine Resistant. Chlorine can be harsh to not just the swimsuit, but your body too and it can hold unwanted chemicals that irritate skin. 

We also innovated the way women's clothing is developed in correlation to how women bodies are shaped. Our founder started it all when she could not find a perfect size row on a size guide, and it would be all over the charts.

 All photos are only prototype. We will be launching soon, so follow us on our social media platforms to stay connected and updated.

The HourGlass Collection

The Revolutionary Movement Proof Swimwear Line for All Body Shapes... Coming Soon!

"I love the suit! Super supportive, sucks me in, and I have full mobility without getting a wedgie."


"It has expanded confidence not only for me but for other women with curves. Let's us women feel beautiful in their own skin."


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